Cross-browser bookmark URL platform the Clippingmini beta version released

2 min readSep 4, 2021


A lot of people keep URLs on your phone without any pattern. It is a sad story. So, this software just released but beta version.
We explain how to use the Clippingmini software.
This is the first section for usage

Chapter#1, Installation.

1st, Please dive here 🚀

And then, you can see the below screen. it’s working on mobile too.

We support the following installation methods:

Windows PC/Mac: Download menu

Mobile IOS/Android: Progressive Web App

Unfortunately, iOS can only provide installation guides like the screen above.

After login, you can see the below screen.
“My folder” is the default saving folder and ‘Missing” is the default broken folder.

Please check the next article for how to use it.


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