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10 Creative Ways To Tell Your Father You’re Trans

Coming out is often a difficult, scary, and intense experience for those who belong to the LBTQ+ community. Caitlin Jenner, Laverne Cox, Elliot Fletcher, and Aydian Dowling have made transgender people more visible, and with them have come their coming out stories. While everyone’s experience will be different, there is no right way to come out.

Father’s can be the most intimidating family members to come out to, and choosing a poor way to come out can be messy and confusing, while other ways can be interesting and possibly even funny. Keep the following list in mind when planning how to come out in a fun and spontaneous way!

  1. Use a family game of telephone to pass the message along.
  2. Start working with your dad. Use the last slide of a work presentation to come out. Ask if there are any questions.
  3. Order a custom fortune cookie announcing your trans-ness.
  4. Throw yourself a gender reveal party.
  5. Compose and perform a Father’s Day song about how glad you are his son or daughter.
  6. Buy ad space on a billboard on his way to work.
  7. Hold a fake press release in your living room. Bulletin of the day: transgender people in your house.
  8. Create a crossword where all the clues are about you and all the answers are about how you are trans and proud!
  9. Ask him who his favorite trans people are. Be offended when he doesn’t say you.
  10. For Christmas, give him trans pride themed gifts, so he can show how proud he is to be your father!

However you decide to come out, remember to be safe and unashamed!