Tired of assigning Geo Paths into your Obj Merge Node — or connecting nodes which are miles away?


Next to SmartConnect (https://medium.com/@hafellner.philipp/smartconnect-a-python-tool-to-improve-your-workflow-in-houdini-a766500f8671) here comes another handy tool for you — easy to use and saves some time in working in the network editor of Houdini:

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simple and handy:

import hounetEditor = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor)
count = 0
for tNode in hou.selectedNodes():
tPath = tNode.path()
tRoot = tPath.split("/")[1]
tName = "om_"+tNode.name() + "_1"
if tRoot=="obj" and len(tPath.split("/"))>2:
nNode = tNode.parent().createNode("object_merge", node_name=tName)
tPos = netEditor.cursorPosition()
nNode.setPosition([tPos[0]+(0.75*count), tPos[1]+(-0.75*count)])

How to install

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  1. Name it
  2. Copy the code of the tool into the script section
  3. Assign one single hotkey (I prefer CMD+SHIFT+D)

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Creative Developer, Technical Artist, VFX Enthusiast, AR/VR Consultant at Sapera.com - https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipp-hafellner/

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