Public Cafes Internet, there are still opportunities there?

Computer Rental — As we all know that the chances of an internet services will increase rapidly. But for this one probably ever imagined in your mind like, what business opportunities from internet cafes or computer rental along with unlimited internet? Is it still a good result or leasing computer with internet facilities used increasingly lonely?

In this case, firstly in Indonesia Computer Rental or they say “Warnet” or “Warung Internet” in english lang its be seems like Internet Store. But as always the lang formaly is Computer Rental.

Factors Cafes Internet

This chance is a good big think if you will to open place like Computer Rental, remember! Research at Indonesia.

Some of the factors that can be considered to open internet cafes or computer rental are as follows:

  • Economy a family that inhibits to have your own pc
  • Damage to a computer at home
  • There’s no printer at home
  • Game Online must be together with friends
  • Etc,

From some of the above factors, proving that open computer rental services or internet cafes as they say Indonesia, would still be very profitable or it will be a good opportunity for you local businessman middle class.

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