Opt for a Green house living

Living in a green environment has got many benefits. The harsh changes in the climatic conditions like increase in temperature, reduced rains etc have made people contemplate on green living concepts. But it is a fact that not many people are too much concerned about these issues, but a significant minority have started to think beyond conventional methods. Villas in Thrissur blogs will let you know about some practical green living concepts that you may implement at your home or for your new housing project.

Solar panels as the future energy source — We receive sunlight in abundance and it is a pure and clean form of energy. Making good use of solar energy can be the most feasible alternative solution for conventional hydroelectric power. Solar panels are most suitable for areas that are free from natural and man-made obstacles like trees, tall buildings etc. The duration for which the sunlight falls on the roof-top also determines the scope of solar panels.

Windmills for residential purposes — Yes, small windmill plants specifically intended for residential production of electricity are about to hit markets. Wind energy is another form of clean energy. However, it may not be suitable for all environmental conditions the availability of wind is vital. High altitude regions, arid or semi arid regions that have free supply of wind can try these residential windmills.

Roofing solutions — the conventional concrete roofs absorb heat and the absorbed heat remains in the rooms for a long interval of time. Here Puff roofing can be an alternative solution for concrete roofing. Puff roofing material makes use of a hardened sponge like material kept in between two sheets of metal. Here the heat absorption is less compared to concrete roofs. You need to pay attention on roof colouring too. Dark colours absorb more heat than light colours. Dark coloured roofs shall help in cold climatic conditions where heat absorption is necessary.

Energy efficient electrical appliances — It is always better to use electrical appliances like refrigerators and Air conditioners that have high Energy Efficiency Ratio — EER. EER denotes the efficiency of the appliance. As EER increases efficiency of the appliance increases.

Originally published at beverlyproperties.in on March 6, 2017.