#Just Start Project — Khudi and Self-learning

“Taking English Communication Skills as my #Just Start Project have a Great Idea behind it , because effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. Many of the jobs in PAKISTAN as well require strong English communication skills and people with good English communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family. Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill and learning how we can improve our communication has many benefits in professional life.”

’’I wanted to achieve this goal since my admission in a University , because when i came in professional studies then i found that English communication skills are as much important as a meal for a person in order to achieve his goal in any profession like, business , engineering ,medical etc.”

’’Because of poor English communication skills i faced many problems in my University life. In university English communication plays an important during Presentations , Debates , Job Interview Techniques , Interaction with Peoples and in Different seminars. So in this way i always faced many problems like lack of confidence , hesitation , and some times embarrassment.”

So that is why i decided to learn English communication skill as my # just start project. I divided it into three tasks:

  1. Learning English Grammar.
  2. Communicate in English with myself.
  3. Communicate in English with my friends.

’’I started from the Step 1 and took one day to this. First of all i bought an English grammar from market. I tried to learn the basic grammar and the basic English tenses in order to achieve a full hold on English language. As i already learned these tenses since my childhood so i easily learned it again. Then i started to do English tenses exercises to get a sound knowledge of English.”

’’Then on the 2nd day i started the Step 2 i.e to communicate with myself. For this purpose i preferred to select a mirror. I began to communicate in English with me , i tried to speech in English and tried to sing the songs in English. This activity helped me a lot to communicate in English and produced confidence in me to communicate in English.’’

’’Finally i reached the Step 3 i.e English communication with my friends. I called some of best friends and told them that we will talk only in English in order to improve my communication skills. I enjoyed it a lot. I meet some of my neighbours and my family members and communicated them in English. This activity made me a good communicator.’’

In this way i completed my weekly #just start project and i will continue it again for further improvement in my English Communication Skills.