As people said that If you want to find a thing sincerely then the whole world start helping you to get that things. Same in the case with knowledge. I always want to learn about the human behavior and how can they interact with each other in best ways. And there are lots of events when I cannot even think that I will get knowledge from that source. Well, briefly, make your will strong and sincere about the knowledge or anything you want to get and the sources will generate automatically.

When I was in Matric, I am getting mature and want to become mature, want to know how to deal with people as I was a shy person, want wisdom. And then I got a book of Dale Carnegie, a famous personality, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. First time in my life I came to know about the communication skills that we mostly ignore. In our culture, we learn many things that are bad according to communication point of view. Well, the purpose of writing this article is basically A challenge Project from Amal Academy which to read chap 2 from above mentioned book and apply those concepts on my social circle and give the knowledge which I learn from that experience.

In the Chapter, title is “Do This and You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere”. What should we do? That is, Become genuinely interested in other people. Means you have to show interest in other people, people with whom you want to do friendship, you want to get closer to them. Show you interest in those people instead of being showing yourself that what you are. Listen to them, know them by asking about their interest instead of telling them your interest and achievements. Now I apply this on my social circle. I met the people whom I want to become closer and the people who do not like me or stay away from me. Firstly, I thought and search about the interest of every person Whom I met before meeting. Then I started talk about their interests, I listened to them properly, showing my full concentration to them, I talk very less. And when we left the conversation, there was friendly attraction between us. They gave me respect more than I expected. Although, I am not saying it was hundred percent worked, but it worked.

I learnt that people want to tell themselves to other. They want to express their achievement, accomplishments, their strengths. They want to talk about themselves. And if any person full their “need’’, he will always be welcome by them. That’s the phenomena called ‘interesting or be interested.