Starting of The Journey-The AMAL Career Fellow-ship

3. Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog (7 points)

Part 1 of your blog post: Edhi Sb reading

I always feeling very blessed to read about the famous personalities and it would great honor to knowing about our Pakistani hero Edhi. One of the principle he applied on his life is of khudi.They just got know that he have to serve humanity from his childhood and he became the biggest humanitarian.

I always like to help others,but in our society many people say its not the age to do good with other as people get bad benefit of you.And I also got some experience of that people just have to use me to got their work completed.But then I thought in what way I should help that also satisfies me.And that selfless help.don;t expect from other.I started helping my class fellows as I become the CR in my own way and Al hum du lillah they realy respect me a lot.

Part 2 of your blog post: Your #juststart project

I always loves to eat food and to cook food is more..But as I have 3 sisters I didn’t get opportunity to learn cooking food.Even I always wanted to made ‘Roti’.I like to be independent in almost every walk of life.And whenever I need to eat a delicious food I can it made it by myself.But my mother says why you want to do this.Do the things that you have to do.They do not take my fond seriously..So I could’nt try that and make my mind that I cant cook.

I took this challenge as Amal activity.I am feeling very light and fresh just to made my first ‘roti’.Sounds funny but it really worked for me.When first I talked to my mom about that She laughed on me.She didn’t take that seriously.I insist that I have to make the roti.Even then she didn’t take that seriously.My sister when got know she also laughed at me and I felt a little bit ashamed that I was going to do a joke or something kind of thing.I rejected that plan.But then I thought if I cannot try a new thing on my own home what will do in my career as this activity linked to career fellowship.So I made my mind whatever they said,I have to do that.And then I completed my challenge and here is the picture of my first roti.

Hope you people like that.From this activity I get to know that never stops learning just because someone says you cant.Just look at your inner side.and do that what you want.never ashamed of to try.Now I will learn to cook my favorite dishes soon.