“Setting up meeting with potential mentor”

I conduct meeting with my potential mentor who is my university professor Dr. Salman Rizavi. He’s senior professor in our college and take m phil classes that’s why I requested him to give me some piece of advice. I go into his room and simply ask sir can I have your 10 minutes because he remains busy most of the time.

I asked 2 or 3 questions regarding higher studies like:

Q 1. From where should I do mphil ? Govt. university or any private.

Q 2. Which specialization should I opt in mphil? Management or other.

Q 3. Should I start mphil right after completing honors degree or take 6 months or 1 year gap?

Sir suggested me to apply in both Govt. and private universities. He specifically suggest me IAS(Institute of administration sciences) department of Punjab university. Also he said don’t wait for 6 months or a year you should apply in august or september and opt management as specialization.

Experience: It was great experience to talk to senior professor as my mentor and his suggestions are really helpful for me. Also, I’ll take his advices and help in future.