Want to be an army officer

My goal which is all for me is to become the army officer and serve my country, my motherland who is serving me from few years. This dream is from the day when I realize that what is goal and that what is dream and how you can fulfill it or how can you turn it into reality, your goal.

The steps or tasks that I’ll do for my life goal are

1- collect the information from the internet, from the people related to that. Give time from my university life and give online sample tests for that course that I’ll cover in a week during my university duration.

2- want to perform UMRAH with my parents. The reason behind that “jab ALLAH se us k ghr ja k maango to wo zaroor daita hai” And I believe that it’s reality.

3-prepare myself for the test day. I am very impressed from the dialogue of the Indian movie “OM SHANTI OM” that “jab kisi cheez ko suche dil se chaho to puri kainat ap ko us se milane ki kosish mai lag jati hai”.

If you have a dream first turn it into passion if you have interest, then turn into your life goal. you’ll definitely get that.

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