Being a Beta Tester Is Not a Bad Idea

— In Fact, I Get 20 Years Premium Service For Free

Every day, we can find hundreds of new startups launch worldwide. Before they get into the official launch, usually they send a beta invitation to everyone signed up on their website to try their services. Periodically, they will ask your feedback about their service, in what area they need to improve and whatsoever. And most of the time, when I signed up to a website as a beta tester, it means I was committed to doing that — because of my free will. Sometimes, I did it because they offered gimmicks at the first place, but if I didn’t feel connected to their brand or services, no reason for me to sign up.

Beta Invitation from Respond by Buffer

Now, I’m Talking About My Number One Rule

My number one rule is I do it because I like it, and won’t do it if I should pay it. DUH! Why I should pay to test somebody’s beta service, instead of they pay me to do that. I have an experience about this one (Hint: The Grid). So here I tell you, my beloved readers, you don’t want to pay for being a beta tester if you don’t have any particular purpose.

Being A Beta Tester is Fun

Okay, I will describe a condition. Imagine when you get a text message from your date, it says, “Hey, are you free for this weekend? I want to invite you to my private party at home.” Then, what do you feel? You might be feeling so much happy, after some approach you might have done before. And it’s as same as I feel when I got an email from the website that I signed up. Seriously, it’s fun to crawl over the new website/app, jump from page to page, try any services I like, and It makes me feel like a VIP. HA! I know I will learn something which could be useful for myself, and hopefully, I can make a real impact for the startup itself.

Being A Beta Tester is Like Giving

Besides the fun part I got from being a beta tester, It has a social value that I didn’t know at the first time. As I said earlier, mostly the (beta) website/app team will ask your genuine feedback about your experience with their site/app. They will give some questioners which you need to fill in. By doing this, you contribute to help them grow as a great startup in the future.

Hey, I Didn’t Expect The Gift

I believe when you give ONE, you will get TEN MORE than what you have given at first. And it happened to me after a few weeks being a beta tester for Dasheroo — a collaborative business dashboard that makes your data easier to understand and act on so you can grow your business. They gave a HUGE surprise by giving me and other early adopters, a 20 Year Paid Plan for FREE. Yes, they are generous, so it doesn’t require me any penny. They offer paid services at this moment, and the plan they had gifted to me valued $6000. I was flattered and happy because their service is related to my daily job. So, it’s highly useful. I had some experiences getting rewards I might say for being a beta tester, but it’s the great one.

Dasheroo Confirmation Email

What you can learn from the story

Nothing worthless in this world, unless it’s a bad thing. Being a beta tester is not a bad idea. For me, it’s wonderful to learn something new, one step ahead than the others. It’s nothing to lose, in fact, you will get something you might even not know after all. My favorite website to find a Beta Startups is BetaList. They have plenty of beta startups in various categories.

And for the startups, don’t be afraid to give something more or big in exchange for their review as beta testers. If you can collaborate well with them, I believe the money will follow you behind.

The best way to describe it, the Oprah’s Ultimate Car Giveaways (2004) | ABC/

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