Mentor is a person who is giving you some directions according to your interest and through their experience. Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations.

Mentor could be one person or could be more than one so my mentors are my teachers especially Prof. Imran Ali. He is the Head of Department of Management and very spiritual personality and also be a good mentor. He helped me all the time when I feel assistance in any situation.

Almost 4 years ago he suggest me that you have to step in a teaching profession because you have ability and you can do that I said to him that I can’t do but he motivates me and force me to join this profession so I took a decision and go with his advice and start the teaching so now I am still teaching at the bachelor level so there are many cases in which he provide me a good suggestions and ideas regarding to my profession, academic and personal.

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