I am highly motivated after reading the story of edhi sab. He face many difficulties in his life but he is our hero. Success is a very small word to describe him. In his book Edhi sab says “I Hate Failure” this line explains the believe of Edhi sab in himself . And this mean’s “khudi” .

Now here is my story my project or target was to change my introvert nature.I want to achieve this because i have a very small social circle and a very few friends. And in some situations I don’t even know how to deal with people. challenges were where to find new faces, hoe to talk with,fear etc

My first task was where to find new faces. For this i join a new academy and also start sitting on our factory with my father. where i found a lot of new people.

Second task was how to interact with them . soon i realize different people have different mindsets and tastes so you cannot treat All of them equally.

Third task was how to built ongoing connection . And i realize words are the main weapons to built this kind of connection .

Through this i conclude that if u want to do something and you have believe in yourself you can do that.

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