How I Mold Leader Entrepreneur

It is common to read in the news that fresh graduates were in poor shape when angling for the job because they don’t have experience, bad leadership, and weak in problem-solving skill.

Inspired by the problem, TinkerMind Lab Enterprise a tech start-up launched a free Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training to prepare and equip the students with the right fundamental so that at the end of the training, they are not only a leader but a leader with talent.

We have a lot of leaders and talents but lack leader with talent-Hafizuddin Mohd Lowhim

What is PLC? The best way to understand PLC is through a demonstration. PLC is nothing but the control system that based on the sequence of events, time and counter. In the video above, I demonstrated how PLC is used to control a light bulb. PLC is widely used in industry to control power system of a building, transmission system of the monorail and many more.

There were five final year students, two postgraduate students from UNITEN and two automation engineers from Uni10 Energy Sdn Bhd a Bio-Diesel company who joined this training.

They learned the concept of PLC, ladder diagram and some of the basic relay and electrical wiring. They even got the chance to have hands-on training with the PLC Trainer box. In spite of that, the trainer also taught them what it takes to be a leader entrepreneur, the fundamental of entrepreneurial leadership and the importance being a leader instead of the follower.

Throughout the training, all the participants were highly encouraged to be an entrepreneur because the best way to sharpen the leadership skill is through entrepreneurship and the best entrepreneurship is the tech-entrepreneurship.

Being a tech-entrepreneur like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak was never easy, it was worth it to try though.

Right after the PLC theory session has ended, TinkerMind Lab Enterprise brought all the participants to have a site visit at the Uni10 Energy Sdn Bhd Bio-Diesel plant. This plant converts used cooking oil to be more productive byproduct which is bio-diesel.

During the visit, participants had exposure on how PLC is being used to control the factory operation solely. It was so amazing to see a single controller PLC box is the brain behind all of the plant.

At the end of the training, the participants were given a problem-solving challenge. They were asked to help a company to continue back the operation automatically when it was stopped suddenly due to power system failure. As a leader entrepreneur, they had not only applied their technical skill in PLC but giving the best solution to the customer in the most innovative way.

The challenge was so fun where the participants had to use their, creative and critical thinking and programming skill to solve the problem. Some of them had difficulty while tinkering and thinking about it, however, they never give up to give their best shot. Any of them who came out first the best solution would be the winner.

At the closing ceremony, the winner of the challenge was given a prize.

Are you wonder what were they thinking about this training, watch their feedback below.

In conclusion, this event was a successful because all the participants had gained significant skill which will shine them down the road. TinkerMind Lab always believes in investing in young potential like university students because they hold the key of possibility that would change the future.

TinkerMind Lab definitely will do this kind of training again in the future.