October, a Month Full of Hopes

19 years ago, I started looking at the beauty of morning sun, hearing the sound of the chasing waves, and feeling every touch of raindrops.

From the days that I couldn’t spell “RRRR” very well and now, the days that I rather keep silent, pretending that nothing’s happening, but the truth is busy while looking for a missing me.

Every year, I get through this Libra-Scorpio’s month of birth with thousands different hopes that aren’t quite perfect. I get through the twist and turn of life that makes me becoming more mature, realizing that the earth isn’t perfectly round as well. However, those hopes become my own compass to achieve this head full of dreams.

Look at me when I was in kindergarten! An innocent child who was sitting with a stewardess on her mind, dreaming to fly, accompanying people she loved to reach the beautiful place on earth. That kind of dream is never really died, it’s a pleasure for me to usher this homeland’s brand to the world by styling the exotic faces of Indonesian.

Me in middle (left) and high (right) school

Another faces of middle school students were thinking about the sun that would escort their hasty steps. I never feel guilty for having that thoughts, especially the thought of being a movie director and a robot builder. Time flies, and the time when I had to choose my future was there — high school.

Here it is, Bandung Institute of Technology. A place where I chose to spend my laughter, tears, and longing together. Visions with purpose to rebuild cities in Indonesia becoming my utopians; Amsterdam and Tokyo. It’s not as easy as uttering my complaints these days. It’s not a big deal for dreaming, isn’t it? Based on this chapter, October is my month that is filled with a Libra’s dreams.

I realize, as a kind of person that keeps complaining and forgetting how lucky I am, with every excellences chasing the sunlight to accompany my beloved people in happiness, I have to keep dreaming no matter how impossible it seems.

Wish your days blossom into happiness, see you on top, xoxo!

A city of canals, Amsterdam and the city that never sleeps, Tokyo

Welcoming 19,