Those who always stick to their goals done great things

It was January 10,1996 late midnight. A man was working in a laboratory of Oxford named Prof.Wood Packer. He was the teacher at Oxford university. He had a really intensed personality. He used to wear black pants and coat and had white hair, he also wear spectacles which gives him a serious look.

He was doing a survey in a laboratory then suddenly an idea strike to his mind and he decided that he definitely going to work on it and can do every possible thing in order to bring it to the next level. He need someone to help in this mission but confused to whom he would choose. He thought that tomorrow I would discuss it with others and see who show interest in it.

  • Laboratory where Prof.Wood work

Next morning Prof.Wood took his regular class. He was really nice and humble towards his students. He never used to say a bad word to his students. But, today some students found a strange attitude in his behavior. He looked disturbed and distracted as it like he was on its own world of thoughts and when one of us asked about that what happened, he became angry and literally shouted. This is something really strange but after a moment later he apologized to all the students about his behavior. After a minute Prof.Wood wanted the help of the class’s best student whose name is Thomas Collins and for that he requested all students to leave us alone. Thomas was very intelligent student and got top marks in every paper.Prof decided that he’ll be the suitable person for fulfilling the idea. So, its afternoon 2:00 P.M Prof.Wood started the discussion with Thomas and finally revealed the idea that on what thing they are going to work on.

He’s basically wanted to make a medicine which can prevent people from cancer and other fatal diseases and those patients who are facing these diseases, this medicine can stop the negative activities of bacteria and viruses in the body and create antibodies against it, which make the immune system strong. He also discussed that I also have a perfect name for this medicine. As you are also going to help me so we can called this medicine "Woomas".

They started to initiate the plan and made different experiments. They also included the herbs as they make the medicine more effective that’s why it’s the positive impact of herbal medicine. Although the first tries are of complete failure and received a lot of criticism that it’s not possible. You people can’t made this kind of medicine. But, Prof.Wood and his student Thomas were stick to their goal that we have to make this possible.

They both worked day and night in the lab with full enthusiasm after few months they got a positive signal and the making of medicine is almost completed and now it had to be experimented. They chose an ill ape for that and fortunately, our WOOMAS medicine works on that ape. This was something really great. Even there were other scientists who also appreciated Prof.Wood Packer and Thomas for their great Explosion which turns out to be really well.

In Dec,1997 ,there was a cancer patient who was cured by giving the dose of Woomas .Not only this but there were also other patients felt really well and became healthy by taking this medicine.
The thing which seems to be impossible for many people becomes reality. We can now made a cure for fatal disease. Prof.Wood and Thomas Collins got a Gold medal for their big achievement and serves people by making such a miracle medicine.

Fear not failure, Fear not trying.

You meet alot of people who don’t believe in you but don’t care about their opinion. It has nothing to do with you. Just stick to your goal and never give up. This attitude will leads you towards your destination.

“Every thing takes effort, even doing what you love. When you do what you love, however the effort becomes a source of joy and satisfaction”
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