WOW is an acronym for Women Only Wednesdays. The idea is to cover famous and lesser known women who belong to a diverse variety of professional backgrounds. From fashion, marketing, blogging, and engineering, to designing, cooking, science, and photography. What binds them are their stories of struggle and success.

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It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Shehzeen for the first feature of the WOW series. She is like a breath of fresh air in this extremely noisy and often attention seeking blogging world. She has been running the Desi Wonder Woman blog tirelessly every day for the last 6 years and is a household name for the desi audience on instagram and beyond. Her readership and fan following is not limited to Pakistan only, she receives an immense outpouring of support and affection from many distinct parts of the world. …

36 Fun questions with Pakistan’s favourite Hollywood Celebrity-Faran Tahir.

Pakistan’s film and tv industry has progressed and evolved tremendously in the last few decades. The kind of talent we possess whether it be in music, art, or theatre is undoubtedly recognized globally. One such fantastic find is Faran Tahir who has successfully carved a place for himself in Hollywood with his sheer hard work and commitment. He has been working in Hollywood for over 25 years and has starred in blockbuster movies such Star trek, Iron Man, Torn, Charlie Wilson’s War, Escape plan and many more. He made his debut appearance in the Disney’s 1994 live-action version of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle book, playing the role of Nathoo-Mowgli’s father. …

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Behind every beautiful thing, there hides some pain.

In a matter of few years, you grow up, you start studying, you begin seeing things, your days go by imagining about your better days, you romance with your thoughts, you intrinsically crave for someone’s attention, you fantasize about all the great mythical love stories and your world seems to be revolving around mainly two emotions. You either like it or you dislike it.

Falling in love is not easy. Staying in love is even tougher. Loving someone completely without expecting a thing in return is a task which can reveal the deepest and rare shades of human nature.

I take love as the most precious startup that has its two amazing co-founders with a shared vision or a similar thought frequency. It needs huge tons of investment in the form of time, effort and commitment. It requires money too to keep it going. The passion, the desire and the hunger to keep striving to be better is something that cannot be overlooked. …


Hafsa Shorish

Your perception of me is reflection of you. Fond of learning anything and everything about startups| fashion| design| coding & content.

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