Review: Rumi’s Duaghter by Muriel Maufroy

Rumi was introduced in my life through a book named “The Daily Rumi”. Where I always wondered about the “Sun” Rumi talked about with such intensity. I searched and found this great novelization of the folk legend of the great religion of love. Elif Shafak, a Turkish writer has perfectly put in all pieces together and made this rosary of Forty Rules of Love. Where the reader gets introduced to this mysterious friendship of wisdom , love and sacredness of Rumi and Sham of Tabriz.

“Love , real love was like looking at someone through God’s window, The rest was attachment, and attachment was like falling out of the window.” Maufroy has not just explained the whole religion of love in this one single statement but also the meeting of souls, the tearing of hearts, the enchantment of sacred Thirst that causes the heart to split into pieces and leaves a never ending yet peaceful pain.

The story of a true legend of Konya revolves around three main characters Rumi, Shams and Kimiya. The little Kimiya is the main center of the story who is born and brought in a small village with basic necessities and a poor family of grape sellers. Evdokia (the mother) and Farokh (The father) are always worried about little kid kimiya because of her atypical behavior and uncanny thoughts. on being told Kimiya is taken to a nearby town Konya to get educated as she is gifted with unusual powers. There she is adopted by The great master of that time Maulana Jalal ud din RUMI and lives with his family,

The things remain calm and changing towards better until there comes Shams Of Tabriz , a wandering dervish who influence everyone’s life most of all Rumi and Kimiya’s. The strange yet powerful bond between Rumi and shams proved to be a spiritual journey towards Oneness. This spiritual companion of Rumi has a very slandering weight on Kimiya’s heart and soul. He helps her to fulfill her destiny in the most unexpected and unsettling ways which the people around (including me) couldn’t understand with closed heart and minds.

No doubt its beautifully written where Maufroy takes you into the storyWolrd with his magical words and extraordinary selection of vocabulary. Its just another mirror through which you can see the lives of Rumi, shams and kimiya and their mystical relationship.

P.S At the end of this book dont forget reading : “The Wound is the place where the light enters you”.

A must read for Rumi and sham’s lovers.


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