“BECOME GENUINELY INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLE” is a principle mentioned by Dale Carnegie written at the last of the article. If I would read this line first before thoroughly going through the article I would surely not be able to understand this principle.

The writer has quoted many real life examples to elaborate this simple principle so that we could also be able to apply this in our lives.

How it can be helpful for you to give your time and attention to others? The answer is to get some output first you have to give some kind of input. Even a writer can never get fame or be appreciated if he does not write what people want to read or something which is related to their lives. So the writer first give attention and show interest in readers lives and then the reward is in the form of fame and appreciation.

A magician reads the minds of people, he knows their perceptions and accordingly he performs his magic.

A salesperson also have to show interest in the business owner and his company as well as in workers to develop strong relations.

To be special in someone’s life, first you have to feel them special.

We can say that everyone first wants attention in his life and it can be the key towards happiness, satisfaction as well as success. Hence, instead of showing off yourself to others you should start to pay attention to them as the writer says we can make more friends in just two months by giving attention to others than to seek other’s attention

Now I would like to share my experience of Activity:1 that was about to be interested in your surrounding people.

I texted many of my love ones including old friends and teachers and cousins. And I was surprised to see people replied me very quickly although i was not expecting from some friend that they would respond but they did.

One my friend replied me, “who?” when I asked her, “How are you?”, “What’s going in your life nowadays?” It was not because she’s deleted my number but because she was not expecting such a text from my side.

Many of my friends were like: “Are you alright?”, “How did you remember me today?” and one most important information I would like to add is that via this activity i got to know that one of my friend has got married. it was very shocking for me.

At the end I would conclude with these words that people really like it if you give them attention even if you text them. They like to talk with you.

So keep on connecting with all you’ve not connected a long and be persistent in giving attention to others instead of seeking it..!

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