Demolishing lives in the West Bank and Israel

Hi Dan Schoenbaum, sounds to me like you’re confusing a few things. First of all — Hamas government rules the Gaza Strip and not the West Bank, which is head by the Fatah government. In this post, I’m discussing demolitions in the West Bank and in Israel, so your argument regarding the Hamas is a bit out of place.

Secondly, yes, sometimes Israel dismantles Jewish settlements as well, but most of the times it requires a long legal battle. Moreover, Israel doesn’t see settlements like Maale Adumim as illegal, even though the international community (and international law) defines them as such. Maale Adumim, for example, has a zoning plan which allows its residents to obtain building permits, as well as to expand the settlement (the E-1 area which is where the Palestinian village is located). And as you can see, Palestinians have to ask permits from Israel, which is effectively ruling most of the West Bank, so again, you cannot claim that the demolitions are not derived from an Israeli policy.

If you yourself would like to step back and look at the bigger picture, then I recommend learning more about the Oslo Accords, the division of the West Bank between the Palestinian Authority and Israel and the ways in which it disables development in the area.

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