Hobby Anthropology in the Agile Age

If you have spent some time in big companies that do “Agile”, you might have noticed that there are quite a few recurrent patterns. People slip into stereotypical roles, as has been true for every organizational fad since the Roman legions have been transformed by Gaius Marius. Let’s try to survey them for “Agile” enterprise organizations!

Corporate anthropology has become a serious research topic in the last 20 years or so, with good reason. Please note that this article is neither serious, nor scientific. …

Your team complains about too many meetings and a useless Sprint Retrospective at the same time? Time to take a stand for the Retro!

If you had boring, listless Sprint Retrospective meetings while at the same time multiple relevant topics are already being taken care of in special meetings and groups, the problem might be the way the Retro is conducted. But sometimes it is just that there are no good topics left for the Retro. Here are some arguments to help you convince your teammates to bring their topics into the Retro instead of convening the next ad-hoc meeting.

#1 Less meetings

An in-depth look into planning for Scrum beginners

It is tempting to start with Planning Poker right away, even when no one really understands what is going on. Planning Poker is what a Scrum team is supposed to do. Right? Well, maybe not.

In my last project I was coaching a team that was still establishing itself. At the client there were at that moment many of these teams, so among us Agile Coaches we were having quite interesting discussions about how to help a new Scrum team to set up themselves.

One question pops up for every team. How should the team estimate? We had plenty of…

Hagen Schendel

software developer & agile coach based in Cologne, Germany

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