Use these techniques to make your writing pop.

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Writing in simple language is probably the most overlooked and underrated principle in the entire writing realm. The majority of your writing should be short, snappy and to the point.

There’s nothing worse than coming across an article you’re interested in, only to be greeted with long-winded, convoluted sentences riddled with out-of-place $5 words from a self-indulgent scribe.

As Stephen King said, trying to dress up your words to impress your audience is like dressing up your household pet in evening wear. It’s going to be embarrassing for both of you.

Does simple mean boring? Nothing could be further from the truth. But don’t forget to add the seasoning. Just as salt enhances the flavour of food to make it taste more like itself, sprinkling a few stylistic techniques into your piece can really bring out your writing umami and help produce more poetic prose. …


Ryan Hagen

I took a walk through this beautiful world. Journalism/Communications grad Freelancer/Traveler/Location-independent

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