10 Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Feb 26, 2018 · 5 min read

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It is a GOOD day when I am able to get Finn to match me! To be honest, this post all started when we were out shopping and he saw these Nike pieces and just had to get them. I was able to get him to think it was cool to match me best day ever.

Don’t let this post fool you. I am a total in door cat type of person. I love to snuggle up on the couch and have family movie night, stay inside playing games and legos with the kids, and spending the day baking.

I also believe that it is so important to teach your kids healthy lifestyle activities that are low key, fun, and done as a family! We love exploring new outdoor places together as a family and getting in a little exercise while we are at it.

Here are some of our favorite ways we as a family stay active:

1.Head to the Park!

This is an easy one that takes little prep. We have our favorite neighborhood parks that we go to, but also love discovering new ones! While there we all place together. Chasing around the kids playing tag, pushing one another on the swings etc.

2. Go Swimming!

We are lucky enough to do this year round where we live. I fill a bag full of snack and drinks when we go along with driving toys and big floats. We all swim together, hold competitions on who can do the biggest cannon ball, swim races, and the classic marco polo.

3. Hit the Climbing Gym!

In our area our climbing gym has a special rock wall area that is designed especially for kids. Not only does it keep them active, but it also builds on their problem solving skills by them figuring out hand/foot placement in order to make it to the top! If your area doesn’t have a kid’s climbing gym, normal ones usually let kids climb at certain times or with an adult.

4. Take a Hike or Walk

Bonus points if it has a beautiful scenic view :) We always make a game out of it, like how many birds we can spot, different color of flowers etc. Don’t forget water!

5. Plant a Backyard Garden

Not only does this get everyone outside active doing yard work on the regular, but it also teaches responsibility. Plus if you’re lucky just may get them interested in cooking!

6. Trampoline Parks

Go to one that parents can jump at too! And if you can, go weekdays so that high school kids or older kids aren’t there as much and its more younger kids. Get involved and run and jump with your kids, be goofy and have fun! Check your local trampoline parks, most have discounted hours on certain days.

7. Explore the Botanical Gardens

Write out a list of a handful of plants and give it to your kids to search and find while you are there (like I Spy game). Pack a lunch and have a picnic when you are done walking around.

8. Spend the day at the Beach or Lake

Jump over waves, explore the tide pools, walk up and down the coast, build sand castles, and swim! We always pack a TON of food like fruit, lots to drink, bring an umbrella, and a dry change of clothes for the kids.

9. Simon Says Exercise Addition

The boys love to play this game and along with it comes lots of giggles and silly ideas! Some examples are: Simon Says do 5 push ups, Simon Says do 10 jumping jacks, Simon Says do the Hoola Hop for 2 minutes, dance really silly, shake your booty for one whole minute, do 10 sit ups etc Everyone takes a turn being Simon and there are no wrong ways to play :)

10. Chalk Backyard Games

Have each family member draw out their very own version of Hopscotch and take turns doing each one. Draw a four square court and play a game! My kids really like to draw a line or “track” and make it turn and loop about and then we have to walk/run it as fast as we can! When we are done we get out the hose and have them clean up the chalk which always ends up into them having a play water fight :)

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