Circle With Disney

I am so grateful for technology! I truly do feel like it is so beneficial and an amazing tool that has advanced as many areas of everyone’s lives. I personally love having the internet at my finger tips, and have used it to learn so many useful things…like how to help my 8 year old with his homework, cooking recipes, directions while driving. We even ditched cable 6 years ago and have been using online streaming sources for tv watching.

Where we live beginning in Kindergarten, kids learn to computer code, need their own iPad for homework, and even heavily reply on apps to learn to read!

Just like any other thing in life, part of parenting is teaching your children how to safely navigate the internet in a healthy way. It is important to us that we allow our boys access to their iPads and computers, but also want them to have a good balance of other activities (outside play) as well.

We recently got Circle with Disney for our home and could not be more happy! Circle is a little white box and app that enables you as grown ups to manage content and time online with every connected device in your home.

Circle connects through your wifi and any device it is paired with can be controlled through the Circle app. This little box is packed with amazing features! We especially have been loving the BedTime, Pause, and Offline features. We have set BedTimes for the boys (at 6pm the devices shut off), we Pause when it is dinner time, and Offline is great when we just want family time with zero distractions!

With Circle, you are able to set up Filters as well. We have age appropriate filters set on the boys iPads for TV streaming apps. We also have blocked the App Store completely because those purchases were getting a tad bit out of hand. For web browsing you are able to block ads, allow or block specific sites, or even trigger Google Safe Search.

Circle has easily become one of our home hold essentials, and now I don’t know how we ever functioned without it! Grab one now during their Holiday Sale for only $54.99!

Originally published at Dress Me Blonde.