Media richness model looks why organizational members choose one communication medium over another for an array of organizational tasks. This is important because it analyzes the effectiveness of different media choices for communication, allowing the communicators to achieve the greatest efficiency. Organizational communication tasks vary in their level of ambiguity that means the existence of conflicting and multiple interpretations of an issue. Communication channels differ in their capability to convey information. There are four criteria used to distinguish the information- carrying capacity of media; availability of instant feedback, use of multiple cues, use of natural language, and personal focus of the medium. Communication media choice can be more usefully considered by looking at the extent to which others in the social environment use a particular technology and communicate positively about that use.

Because I aware of media richness, I collect many information from social networking many times, and share them with my friends. I realized that it connected me and world. Also, it is important when I take online class. I could find it helpful to expand the media richness tools chart with an additional column, stating the purposes you intend to use specific media for.