I learned about Critical Approach which made by Karl Marx. Elaboration of the conflict model of society, specifically his theory of social change based on antagonisms between classes, for example Bourgeois as elites and upper-class, and Proletariat as working class. Critique would reveal fundamental truths about human social condition. See theory as a force that can emancipate individuals from dominating organizations. The idea that power originates primarily in economic production. It concerns with the social origins of alienation. The Critical approach is for the understanding of modern capitalism.

Also, there are four key concepts in critical approach.

  • power
  • power relationships
  • emancipation
  • resistance

It perspective the power. The concept of power is typically related with control and domination. Individuals are always conscious of who has the power and who has control over whom. The power controls of modes and means of production and discourse. It relates how people understand the world. Critical theorists agree on the following certain societal structures and processes lead to imbalances of power, the importance of power lead to alienation and operation of certain classes and group, and the role of critical theorists and student of critical theories is to explore and uncover imbalances and bring them to attention of oppressed. Therefore, the critical approach is really important for human.

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