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During fashion week in New York, the after hours are just as busy as their show schedule. NYC newcomers and mainstays debut their contemporary-chic looks and celebrate the new lines at these 7 NY hotspots. Check out this season’s locations that get packed with celebs, supermodels, and NYFW fans.

1. Squares

Squares is a night club that carries a vintage vibe, yet with a modern spin. Plus, they serve plenty of quality cocktails, delicious food and live DJ performances. Established by the Quality Eats team, this sexy club is known to throw the best parties. …

Actually, beginning your night alone can be the best way to end up meeting the most exciting people. You don’t always need a Valentine to have a fun time on this Tuesday night. In honor of Single’s Awareness Day, we provide a few suggestions on where to party single in the city.

Here are 5 places to seize a glass or five on Valentine’s Day.

VBar & Café

Located in Soho, this bar doubles as a café and is the perfect place to chill out and catch up on the work or some personal reading.

Wilfie and Nell

When you first see The Atlas, it comes off as a nameless, rustic looking pub. Walking in, you acquire almost an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feeling, getting pulled in by the tight entrance and curved bar. The bar’s sleek design allows you to follow it towards the center of the restaurant where you are greeted by the super friendly hostess.

The venue opens up into an elegant, dimly-lit setting.The Atlas’ sophisticated, classic design and the empowering bar gave it a mature and sexy vibe. Towards the back of the restaurant, there’s a much smaller bar in a more intimate setting with…

Strolling down Newark Avenue, on your left hand side you will notice an elegantly designed, rustic exterior to the Porta restaurant. Automatically I was drawn to this unique, dimly lit, Italian spot.

Walking into Porta, I felt instantly welcomed. It’s interior is full of raw and exposed details, such as open ceilings and uncovered walls. The extremely friendly and attentive hostesses greeted me with a smile and were more than happy to introduce to me to their mixologist, Sammy Gilmete.

I waited for Sammy to conjure up all the needed ingredients such as candy cane and chocolate liqueur. He created…


By Mitson Joseph

’Tis the season. The holidays have arrived and it’s time to get the important women in your life something nice! Whether you’re on a budget, or you have the money to blow, check out these perfect holiday treats just for her!


For the boss woman in your life.

#GIRLBOSS, $9.52, available on Amazon.


By Mitson Joseph

’Tis the season. The holidays have arrived and whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Hagtap has got the perfect gifts for you!


Having guests over? This cocktail cookbook is perfect for those who love a good mixed drink during the holiday season!

Cocktail Cookbook By Oskar Kinberg , $23.99, available at UrbanOutfitters.

Written By: Viktoriya Rystsova

Written on 11/28/2016

As I walked down 39th Street in Murray Hill, I noticed the red Shakespeare sign on my right that led me towards a discrete ramp which guided me to a mysterious and almost hidden entrance. Confused, I looked at the closed old-fashion door and its accompanying doorbell. I wondered, should I ring the bell or just enter? After hesitating for a second, I walked into a dimly lit foyer which was surrounded by two cozy rooms and a staircase. I decided to turn right and slowly walk up to the long wooden bar.

The Hagtap Edition

Skinner’s Loft, 146 Newark Ave

Although it’s on the more expensive side of Jersey City’s restaurants, Skinner’s Loft is definitely a spot to check out for a nice, classy date night. It features a beautiful rooftop deck with an outdoor bar area which is open for dinner. Definitely a great spot to go to on a summer night. Come for their Take 5 happy hour special ($5 beer flights, wine/red sangria, wings, chicken salad, sliders).

Porta, 135 Newark Ave

The Hagtap Edition

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve already skimmed a few other ones guiding you on the same topic: how to plan a bachelorette party.

It’s difficult, I know — and from my research, I’ve found that Fete is the easiest way to help plan it all out. The Uber for party planning, Fete connects you with event planners who bid to host a party for you. And what’s awesome is that this is FREE OF CHARGE. Try using it… you’ll thank me later.

Whether you’re throwing a bachelorette party for your best friend or sister…

The Hagtap Edition

There’s a few weeks before the big day — your best friend is getting married! Among all the responsibilities you have, throwing a great party for the groom is one of them. After all, it’s going to be his “last night of freedom”. Keep reading to find out our Top 4 Dos and Don’ts for Throwing a Bachelor Party.


make sure that the groom approves of everyone being invited to the party. The last thing you want is an awkward silence when the groom finds out you invited someone he doesn’t like. …

The Hagtap Edition

Hagtap is a nightlife application for iOS & Android dedicated to helping you find the most exciting and interesting places to Have A Great Time And Party.

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