5 Bar Specials Columbia U Students Can’t Resist

The Hagtap Edition
Jun 22, 2015 · 3 min read

The HAGTAP Edition

Around Columbia University today? Then you’re just around the corner from some of the best bars in the area. Take a look below to get a feel for awesome deals you and your friends can take advantage of while being close to campus.

Mel’s Burger Bar, 2850 Broadway

cred: Wilkie J.

Mel’s is one of the more favored Morningside Heights bars around. While they feature a popular “pickleback” shot, Mel’s also has excellent weekend brunch discounts — it can’t get any better than $2 Bloody Marys. Mel’s is also known for its “Brew Crew” challenge, in which participants are challenged with a list of 40 beers to drink throughout their visits. Once the 40 beers have been drank, the customer is officially inducted into the “Brew Crew” and receives both a plaque and a personal 20 oz. drinking glass. Pretty neat incentive to keep the customers coming back!

The Heights, 2867 Broadway

The Heights, located not far from Mel’s, is a common spot for college kids who just turned 21. It’s one of the most popular destinations for students and thirsty citizens around Columbia. Daily frozen margarita specials ($6!) plus a gorgeous rooftop view make this a great place to hit up both during the summer and the school year.

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Amigos, 2888 Broadway

Amigos is your Mexican destination on this list (Because, as we all know, Drinking Alcohol + Mexican Food = Happiness). The bar gets packed on Monday and Tuesday especially, as students look to take advantage of unlimited tacos, quesadillas, and sangria. It’s not too far off from campus either — meaning you can head here for a quick drink after class when you just feel like chilling the rest of the day.

Bernheim & Schwartz, 2911 Broadway

cred: Patty Y.

A perfect lunch spot, Berheim and Schwartz is another popular eatery/bar on Broadway. It houses a bit more of an older crowd than your standard college bar, but there’s excellent happy hour specials ($1 drafts and well drinks) in addition to some really excellent food for unbeatable prices. Make sure you grab a burger here at least once!

1020, 1020 Amsterdam Ave

The only bar on the list that isn’t on Broadway, 1020 is great if you’re looking for the best prices in the area. It gets heavily crowded on the weekends, but crazy happy hour specials (½ price drinks) and terrific bar service are pretty obvious reasons why. It’s also a bit more divey than most Columbia bars, but if you’re in the mood for some socializing with the locals, then this bar is the perfect scene for you.

Find out more about bars around your campus on Hagtap and be sure to download the app to stay up to date on the latest in nightlife.

The Hagtap Edition

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