5 Places For Singles on Valentine’s Day in NYC

The Hagtap Edition
Jan 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Actually, beginning your night alone can be the best way to end up meeting the most exciting people. You don’t always need a Valentine to have a fun time on this Tuesday night. In honor of Single’s Awareness Day, we provide a few suggestions on where to party single in the city.

Here are 5 places to seize a glass or five on Valentine’s Day.

VBar & Café

Located in Soho, this bar doubles as a café and is the perfect place to chill out and catch up on the work or some personal reading.

Wilfie and Nell

Located in the West Village , Wilfie and Nell’s young bohemian vibe is the perfect place to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right!

The West

Located in Williamsburg, The West is a great spot for those who love to drink alone; check out their rotating list of seasonal cocktails

Ace Hotel

Located in Midtown, check out the Ace Hotel Bar which is the bar to go to when you don’t want to be seen but you really want to be seen.

The Pyramid

Located in the East Village, the Pyramids darkwave-centric ’80s jams is a great place to drink and dance all night long.

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