Cool Spots by Campus that RU Freshman Must Check Out

The Hagtap Edition

You’ve already toured around Douglass/Cook, College Ave, Livi and Busch. You also did a two-day orientation and learned more about Rutgers. Now that you’re all hyped up to FINALLY start the #collegelife, wouldn’t it be great to know the cool spots to hit up with your friends around the area? Whether you’re looking for an arcade, a gym, a chill study area, a museum, a coffee shop, or a hidden gem on campus, you can definitely find something fun to do any day at any time.

Rutgers Zone, Livingston Student Center

Rutgers Zone is a nice place to chill after a day of classes. The venue is set up like a bar and also has some arcade games, making it perfect for a fun date night out while never stepping foot off of campus. Come for free ice cream on Thursday nights at 10pm, or on the first Friday of every month for free appetizers. You’re welcome!

Graffiti Wall, College Avenue Campus

This is truly a hidden gem at Rutgers University. Definitely make a trip here one day, take a picture of the graffiti, and post it up on the grams. Where exactly is this graffiti wall? The basement walls of Demarest Hall, which houses students with interest in creative writing, performing arts, visual arts, philosophy, and the like.

Stuff Yer Face, 49 Easton Ave

You MUST try the strombolis here. Stuff Yer Face is famous for ‘em (And once you turn 21, try one of their fishbowls — AMAZING)! If you’re looking to eat out with a large group of people, then Stuff is a great place to go to. Just take a bus and get off at Scott Hall, then walk up the block and it’ll be right there.

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Sage Library, College Avenue Campus

I didn’t find out about Sage Library until this past semester — and I’ve been at Rutgers for 3 years now. This is another hidden gem at Rutgers as most people only know about the main libraries on each campus. The architecture of this building is a Romanesque, basilica style which is beautiful. Also, there’s no wifi at this library so go here if you’re really trying to focus on the books.

Zimmerli Art Museum, College Avenue Campus

Free admission for all, need I say more? The Zimmerli Art Museum is actually one of most distinguished university-based museums in the United States. With a collection of 60,000 ancient and contemporary objects, this museum will surely not be a boring trip.

Rutgers Gardens, Cook Campus

Rutgers Gardens is a nice getaway from the crowded streets on campus. Just like Zimmerli Art Museum, this garden does not charge a visitor’s fee. It is also open 365 days a year which is great, because the scenery is beautiful during all seasons.

Caffe Bene, 356 George St

This is a quiet, chill coffee shop that is a little off of campus. However, the EE bus will take you right by it! If you need to study for an exam and be away from other students, then this is your place to be. The coffee is great here, but also try the Bing Su dessert dish for a nice study break.

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