Nine and Gutter

Once in a decade, this girl descends down to Earth.

She lives in the skies; don’t try to look for her, she likes to switch clouds a lot. Her name isn’t that important. If it is really important to you that she have a name, we can call her Nine, because that’s her favorite cloud.

Where was I? Oh, she comes down to Earth every ten years in search of a love she never knew but knows exists.

You’d think that with all that cloud-surfing she’d be able to find him by now, but all she does is scan and scan for every ten of those years until she can tell you the stories of all the people that have feet on land. She witnesses fragments of stories every now and smiles and moves on to the next but she wouldn’t dare make the mistake of following any of those stories for too long, at least until she remembers to forget what she knows.

You see, residing in the skies teaches you something and that’s to live, you have to forget. But, forgetfulness is both a blessing and a sin. For, if the girl — nine — wouldn’t forget, she’d remember how long it’s been since she’s been to the skies and she’d descend — no jump — down to Earth and take her life. But, because she forgets, she follows the a shard of a story for too long and starts to make a place for herself in it, a place that she thinks will be waiting for her at the end of every decade.

But, that place is never hers, the boy is not her boy, the love is only hers and it isn’t love, it is exasperation at being alone for so long and needing comfort and interaction. She returns back to the skies, plops down on cloud nine and forgets the ten years before just like she did ten years before.

A boy.

This one, comes out to earth every ten years, too. Only he doesn’t live in the sky. He lives underground.

He longs for the skies and the feel of the breeze which he can’t feel except once every ten winters or summers.

His name isn’t important either, but for the sake of remembrance, we shall call him Gutter. Gutter, that’s what he’s surrounded with.

He doesn’t need to forget what he doesn’t know. He only knows the underbelly of land, but has never set foot on soil that could be whirled around by a gust of wind for longer than once every ten years. The breeze, the wind are all that he knows and it would be unfair to take those away from him.

What he doesn’t know is that up in the skies, there’s a girl whom he’s meant to be with who can give him all that the skies have to offer and he would undeniably give her all the love she needed in return.

If only they’d meet.

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