Oreo: A social media audit

The company I chose to do for my social media audit was milks favorite cookie, Oreo. I chose this company after doing research on the most interesting companies on social media according to Forbes Magazine. Out of 20 companies Oreo was ranked number 13 in their quirky category. Forbes stated “Oreo isn’t just quirky; its social media is also incredibly intelligent when it comes to jumping on live pop culture events.” After analyzing their social media accounts, I have to say I thoroughly agree. Not only does Oreo have a “wonder-filled” cookie and commercial campaign they take that marketing strategy and carry it across all medias.

After looking through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram I noticed some interesting things that were, unexpected fun and enjoyable. The first interesting thing I noticed was a similar trend in their presentation. All sites had the same color, font, tone, thumbnail and cover photo as well as the same messages. I really enjoyed this because It not only gave me comfort in knowing I found the right brand and not someone who created a fake account but it also gave me a warm feeling inside because of the fun graphics and bright blue that I always associate with milks favorite cookie. I also enjoyed how each social media platform was different. Twitter had the contests and videos while Instagram had more of a professional feel by promoting their products and providing positive messages. Facebook was the balance between the two by having a mix of everything whether it was Facebook original content or if it was reposted from Twitter or Instagram.

A second interesting trend I noticed was exactly what Forbes stated Oreo was good at, keeping up with social trends. For example, their most recent social media campaign was the #OREOdunkchallenge. This caught my eye because not only was the Verizon NBA All-star Slam Dunk Contest a few weeks ago but also because March Madness is right around the corner. This was a wonder-filled contest because it encouraged fans to engage with the brand but it also resonated with a large demographic of NBA and other basketball fans. Personally, I believe Oreo killed in on social media by posting a viral video on Twitter of their own drone slam dunk, mimicking Aaron Gordon and Intel’s attempt at the first ever slam dunk contest with a drone.

Finally, a third thing I enjoyed about Oreo’s presence on social media was on Instagram. I loved how their entire site was organized and displayed with similar but different content. I was really interested in how they promoted their new products and flavors in the form of a video. Each video thumbnail was similar and made you want to watch more with the caption “a moment with…” Not only did it make you want to watch one but once you watched one it made you want to watch the other ones to see what else Oreo offers.

After analyzing the content and display of Oreo’s social media I am thoroughly impressed but I do have a few suggestions to make it slightly more appealing and generate more word of mouth. I would continue the message of wonderfilled across all platforms instead of only Instagram creating a bond between the television commercials, magazine advertisement and social media campaigns. This would help generate more followers and loyal consumers.

Second I would suggest for Facebook that Oreo would monitor the comments on their posts and reply to negative ones that could potentially drive consumers away. Especially negative ones that target the new production of Oreo cookies in Mexico.

Concluding my experience auditing Oreo’s social media presence I am very impressed with their PR campaign and how they target their demographic in a way that is cute and catchy but not irritating and constant. In my book, thanks to Forbes Magazine top 20 companies on social media and the outstanding performance of Oreo from a social media stand point Oreo has gained a new follower that is sure to tell her friends about and encourage them to follow as well.