Part II: Donald Trump’s Pseudo Social Media Army, And Who’s Involved

In my first piece on this subject I wasn’t able to go into much detail, as I was trying to get something out as quickly as I could with the onslaught of thousands, upon thousands of Donald Trump supporting Twitter accounts having a field day with Ted Cruz supporting accounts. It didn’t take me long to see what was happening on Twitter, and other social media outlets. It also didn’t take me long to realize what was going down, and I knew exactly how they were going about it.

I was all over this operation by the Trump camp three weeks ago, but no one would listen, or pick-up the story, other than “us” regular Twitter folk. Which for me is no real surprise, considering that most of the media (print included) helped create Trump, and will protect him at all cost, and of course their egos get in the way. Which, for one reason I’m done with most of the Conservative media as a whole, with the exception of a few. But, that’s another story for another time.

My knowledge into how this botnet (zombie army) system works, and how effective it can be goes back six years ago to my infiltration of the progressive left, and moreover my outing of the #StopRush group, along with Media Matters For America as their main backer. I ran a very successful botnet campaign against #StopRush and their main players in the group.

1. How did “they’ do this?

The first thing they had to do was to find someone with knowledge of how to run, and hide a successful social media campaign that would know how to run thousands of Twitter accounts simultaneously without taking a direct hit on a particular IP address, this can be done by using proxy’s, or VPN’s (virtual private networks) in order to hide your location. The next thing you would need to do would be finding, securing and buying aged Twitter accounts. Now, this wasn’t necessary five or six years ago, but Twitter got smart and started making it harder to create accounts simply by having some no name email service. These Twitter accounts, along with Facebook accounts can be bought on the dark web using a browser such as TOR, or you simply got lucky surfing Google and found someone selling social media accounts, which I highly doubt was the case. No, these people had a plan, and they had money backing them. Along with a few longtime, trusted Twitter users, two of them being women that many on Conservative Twitter know well.

1. Who are these people that help Trump?

The main players running these bogus accounts are ironically in the middle east for the most part, India, Turkey etc… there are a few “real” Twitter accounts actively working for Trump, and as I said most of Conservative Twitter knows these two women. These aged Twitter accounts cost money, lots of money and there not easy to come by. The Trump team went out and bought roughly 500,000 Twitter accounts, 250,000 Facebook accounts, and endless re-tweets, likes and followers for all these accounts. All of these can be bought on the dark web, for the right price. Also, keep in mind all of these social media accounts come with email addresses, that enables them to bombard any comment board on any major newspaper thread.

As of today, April 10, 2016 Twitter seems to have done a sweep, a purge if you will of all the bogus Trump supporting Twitter accounts that have been dogging many of us for months. Will this continue? Yes, and it will get worse. Donald Trump and his team of underhanded bullies will not stop, they will do whatever it takes to make sure Trump wins, at least at the online polls.

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