Lanh My A Story

Hai Cu The
Oct 16, 2016 · 3 min read

In Vietnam, when you hear the word Lanh My A, it reminds locals of the luxury silk that was worn elegantly by royal women a century ago. Despite the difficulty of making the silk and low production quantities every year, Lanh My A has gained both domestic and overseas recognition, but seems to be unknown among younger generations. That’s why we wanted to tell the story of this traditional silk, and shed more light on how it’s made.


Lanh My A, also known as Tan Chau (an area in Southern Vietnam) silk, was first made in 1908 after the French decided to focus on silk production in this region to supply the empire. It’s no surprise that Tan Chau quickly became a famous center for silk production and trading in Southern Vietnam at the time. In a very short period, Lanh My A gained popularity especially among women who dreamed of wearing skirts and pants made out of the beautiful silk.

The shiny black of Lanh My A silk. [1]

In 1998, the artist Tám Lăng’s son decided to revive the production of Lanh My A and introduce it to other parts of the world too, which turned out harder than he thought. He wasn’t able to find all the correct materials for dying until 2003, when he successfully managed to produce his first batch. So far, he has made the silk in 15 different colors. Lanh My A is still dyed with natural materials, which many find especially attractive. Today, the colorful Lanh My A is famous outside of Vietnam and the supply can’t keep up with the growing demand. The silk is even worn among celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie wearing a Lanh My A gown. [2]

Making of Lanh My A

Lanh My A is made of natural silk fabric, processed by a unique method, where it is woven and dyed naturally by a fruit called Mac Nua (Diospyros Mollis), giving it a distinctive black, glossy and beautiful look. The silk itself is very inelastic — it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

After hand-picked, the fruit lasts only three days. The process of producing the silk is extremely demanding as the fruit and resin-water ratio must be carefully measured. Once mixed with the silk for dying, it’s dried and hung in the sun from morning to noon. This process is repeated for about 45 days. Then, the dried silk is rolled up and rammed to make the silk shiny and durable. Finally, the silk undergoes a sizing and softening process, before taking on its final form as the beautiful black Lanh My A.

Lanh My A silk is on the international catwalk. [3]

How to buy Lanh My A?

At FactoryFinder, we have had the pleasure to work closely with the locals making Lanh My A and are helping them find its way all the way to the West. And how to use our website? It’s very easy. You can just sign up for free and follow the clear steps. All you need to do is submit an order request including specifications for material, design and quantity.

If you want to try out Lanh My A silk, just send us a request and we’ll make sure it finds it’s way straight out of the factory into your hand!

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