This flower arrangement greeted us every day outside the meditation room. Photo by Rob Dube.

It’s Easter Sunday and I’m sitting at a bar table at my brother-in-law’s house shoveling homemade guacamole into my mouth using a combination of bite-sized Tostitos and gluten-free almond flour crackers. My brother-in-law sits down next to me and asks, “So…you just got back from your silent retreat. What was your key takeaway?” I struggle to find the right words to express the depth of my experience during the donothing Leadership Retreat, a 4-day meditation retreat for business leaders and entrepreneurs at the Shambhala Mountain Center (SMC). I clumsily reply, “I’m not sure? I think I just learned a little…

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Last month we announced that Material-UI will take steps towards becoming a more sustainable open source project. A lot has happened since then, and I’d like to catch you up on our progress.


We’ve successfully moved Material-UI from Call-Em-All to mui-org on Github. This move gives the Core Team greater control and independence on the direction of the project. Even though Github will automatically redirect all links to the new repository location, they strongly recommend that you update your remote URLs to point to the new location.

Organizational Governance

Now that we’re functioning as an independent organization, it was important for us…

When Material-UI was created 3 years ago, we never imagined that it would enjoy so much popularity. Currently, it has over 30k stars on GitHub, over 600k downloads last month on npm, and over 500 contributors. As the project grew, so did the workload to maintain it. Olivier Tassinari has put in countless hours over the years to not only maintain the project, but also head up an ambitious rewrite that addresses many shortcomings of the original version. …

Hai Nguyen

VP of Engineering & Co-Founder of Call-Em-All. Co-Creator of Material-UI.

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