OSD600 Release 0.4 Telescope

Tony He
Tony He
Dec 8, 2019 · 2 min read

For Release 0.4, I worked closely with another classmate to contribute the Seneca Telescope project. The issues include the following:

The first issue was to use Redis to store posts by using guid as key. The posts are stored as set and sorted by original published dates. Once stored, all posts can be retrieved by a range of dates and each individual post can be pulled by guid. The tests were also created to check if the posts are stored and sorted correctly. The pull request link is as below:

The second and third issue were related to html sanitization, which is the process to examine an existing html document and producing a new html that preserves whatever tags are identified as safe and desired. The sanitization has a standard library which is very easy to use. The issue was about creating more test cases and adding necessary tags to allowedTag besides default options. In order to deal with this issue, we examined many blog posts on planet CDOT and identified typical tags used by the blog writers. We then created test cases that include several different scenarios. The pull requests are listed below:

Overall, I found participating in telescope project to be a very good learning experience. Before this project, I have never heard of Redis and HTML sanitization. Now I know basic logic behind Redis operations, its data structures, a few functions related to set as well as what sanitization does. Open source development is both challenging and rewarding. Getting good at it can be very helpful for career development as well as making more meaningful contribution to the world.

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