Doughnut Nutrition Facts | How Many Calories in Donuts

When it comes to getting calories from donuts, there are many factors involved.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

How do you measure calories in donuts?

If you find yourself picking up a new donut at a local place, how do you find out how many calories there are?

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This is where measurement begins to work.

My strategy is to find somewhere that says how many calories in their donuts and I use the donut calories as a reference.-

Why are cake donuts more calories than yeast donuts? Doughnut Nutrition Facts

It goes down the drain. If you were to hold a donut of cake with one hand and a donut of yeast on the other, you would be amazed at how heavy the cake was.

If calories are a concern, I would choose a yeast donut. Although the difference is very small, the light & airy dough of these donuts will reduce the calories slightly.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Just look at the filling: most yeast donuts will have a filling of some kind, which can accumulate donut calories a bit.

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Glazed Donut

Dunkin Glazed Donut: 240 calories
Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut: 190 calories
Calories Glitter Donuts: 215 Calories

My personal favorite: polished donut. A polished donut will usually contain 200 calories, which will not improve any other diet.

I am a sucker for a simple and airy yeast donut, and the solid sugar glaze on the outside creates a beautiful texture in my eyes. The polished donut is also the reason for the “Hot Light” in Krispy Kreme- if the light is bright, it means they have shiny donuts that are right for you.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Glazed Chocolate Donut

Dunkin Glazed Chocolate Donut: 370 Calories
Krispy Kreme Glazed Chocolate Donut: 280 Calories
Calories Donuts of Shiny Chocolate: 325 Calories

A typical glazed donut will be a leavened, low-calorie donut. The chocolate version will be the donut of the cake, making it very thick and rich.

If you are in the process of getting a delicious donut but calories are a hassle, a real choice of glazed over shredded chocolate can save you about 100 calories!-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

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Frosted or Iced Donut

Dunkin Frosted Donut: 270 calories
Krispy Kreme Iced Donut: 260 Calories
Average Frost of Frosted / Iced Donut: 265 Calories

When I was growing up, the frozen donuts from Dunkin were always my favorite. In particular, the strawberry frosted donut. These donuts are very similar to polished, the difference being the slightest frosting on the top and the addition of sprinkles.

Dunkin serves frozen vanilla donuts, but Krispy Kreme has only chocolate and strawberries on their menu.

Boston Kreme Donut

Dunkin Boston Kreme Donut: 270 Calories
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced with Kreme: 350 Calories
Calorie Boston Kreme Rated: 310 Calories

The boston kreme donut is a favorite donation of many people. Personally, I’m not a cream-loving person filling donuts, but I can see the attraction.

Like the cinnamon bar above, there is a real difference in the calories of these donuts. Since each donut store uses its own unique filling with different ingredients, it is not surprising that the calories vary.

If you are trying to balance calories in a donut filled with Boston cream in your area, keep in mind that this may be slightly different.

Powder Sugar Donut

Dunkin Powdered Sugar Donut: 330 calories
Krispy Kreme Donate Powdered Sugar: 310 Calories
Calorie Donor Powdered Sugar: 320 Calories

It is as if a drop of sugar is just a drop of yeast thrown into sugar; powdered sugar donut is a donut of cake topped with powdered sugar.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Plain / Cake Donut

Dunkin Cake Donut: 310 calories
Krispy Kreme Plain: 290 calories
Empty Donut Calories: 300 Calories

An empty donut can also be called a “traditional cake” donut. It tastes a little sweeter than most other donuts you will find, but it is still rich and dense, and ready to be soaked in coffee.

Sugar Donut

Dunkin Sugar Donut: 210 calories
Krispy Kreme Sugar Donut: 190 calories
Calories Donate Sugar: 200 calories

A drop of sugar is a drop of yeast sprinkled with sugar immediately after frying (or in the case of Krispy Kreme, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar).-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

You usually won’t find a “empty” yeast donut, so this is the best thing to do!

Since sugar coating is only sugar, and is not as heavy as glaze, this is the calorie yeast donut donut you will normally get.

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Coffee Roll / Cinnamon Roll

Dunkin Coffee Roll: 390 Calories
Krispy Kreme Cinnamon Roll: 280 calories
Average Calories of Cinnamon Roll: 335 Calories

This is where things start to get complicated. The coffee roll from Dunkin is very similar to the cinnamon roll you can find at Krispy Kreme, but apparently there is a difference in calories- 110 calories to be exactly. Although they are the same products for sure, the coffee roll from Dunkin ‘is bigger than the cinnamon roll from Krispy Kreme, which leads to higher calories.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

If calories are bothering you, this may not be your best bet. Between the glossy exterior and brown sugar and butter on the inside, the cinnamon roll is slightly higher in calories than many other donut options.

Eclair / Custard Filled Donut

Dunkin Eclair: 370 Calories
Krispy Kreme Custard Full Donut: 300 Calories
Eclair Calories Rated: 335 Calories

Although Krispy Kreme does not have Eclair technically, their chocolate-filled donut is the closest thing to comparison!

Eclair is a long French paste filled with custard (or pastry cream) and usually frozen in chocolate.

Dunkin Eclair is slightly larger than a donut of Krispy Kreme custard, resulting in an additional 70 calories.

Jelly Filled Donut

Dunkin Jelly Donut: 250 Calories
Krispy Kreme Jelly Donut: 270 calories
Average Calories for Jelly Donut: 260 Calories

The jelly-filled donut is one of the oldest you may have tried (or at least, seen).-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Depending on where you order this donation, the filling can be a variety of flavors, not just strawberries. Lemons, berries, and raspberries are all popular versions of the gel-filled donuts, and you’ll find seasonal varieties like apples, too.

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Glazed Cruller

Dunkin Glazed Cruller: 230 Calories
Krispy Kreme Glazed Crulle: 240 Calories
Average Glazed Cruller Calories: 235 Calories

It is a wonderful flakey pastry that tastes like a cross between a donut and a croissoint. I haven’t tried it until recently, but man, I’ve been missing out!

At Dunkin, it looks like they are using yeast dough in crullers, as calories are very similar to a polished donut. At Krispy Kreme, the description says they use a cake donut, which means slightly higher calories.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Chocolate Glazed Cruller

Dunkin Chocolate Crulle: 280 calories
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Cruller: 290 calories
Calorie Chocolate Cruller: 285 Calories

Like a polished donut compared to a ton of chocolate ice, extra calories come from chocolate ice. But if you are a fan of chocolate donut, it will be worth the extra calories.

Apple Fritter

Dunkin Apple Fritter: 470 calories
Krispy Kreme Apple Fritter: 350 calories
Average Apple Fritter Calories: 410 Calories

Apple Fritters are difficult to measure calories, because they can vary slightly.

The size can not only vary (Dunkin has a larger fritter than Krispy Kreme), but the amount of glaze, apples, brown sugar, butter, etc., can vary! Dunkin apple fritter has 120 calories more than Krispy Kreme, so if you are looking for an apple fritter but want to save some calories, visit Krispy Kreme.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Sour Cream Donut

Dunkin Sour Cream Donut: 360 calories
Krispy Kreme Sour Cream Donut: 300 calories
Average Calorie Donut Cream Cream: 330 Calories

Sour cream donuts are similar to traditional cake donuts, but sour cream is added to donut batter.

The result is a slightly tart taste, and the resulting sour cream donuts are crisp on the outside while staying soft and moist on the inside.

A donut of Dunkin sour cream will come in at 60 calories more than a donut of sour cream Krispy Kreme, and we can estimate that the average amount of sour cream donation will be about 330 calories.-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Donut / Munchkins holes

Dunkin Munchkins: 60–70 Calories Each
Holes of Krispy Kreme Donut: 45 Calories Each
Calorie Donut Hole: 50 Calories Each

The donut holes are exactly the same as the ones that look like them- they are small balls of dough cut from donuts!

They are usually cake donuts, but both Dunkin and Krispy Kreme have versions that are leavened. I used to eat Pop’Ems as a child, which are the polished donut holes sold by the Entenmann, and they are amazing. When I check those calories, each donut hole has 60 calories, which makes this ratio seem very accurate.

Dunkin’s original Munchkin contains 70 calories, but some types of glazed and powdered sugars contain only 60 calories. At Krispy Kreme, every type of donut hole contains only 45 calories.

Which donut has the lowest calorie?

It may be surprising to see that the lowest calorie donut is a donut of sugar.

A drop of sugar is a leaven-boosted donut, which makes it lighter and more airy and has fewer calories than a regular donut of cake.

Donuts that are usually high in yeast are glazed, contain frost / crust, or are filled with jelly or mustard. Because of this, they all contain more calories than a donut of sugar, making that a much lower calorie option!-(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Is Donut Healthy to Eat?

Crushed donuts have a good amount of sugar, starch, and fat but are low in nutrients. They are considered to be junk food, highly digested.

What is the healthiest Donut you can eat?

French cruller

Is the donut considered protein or carbohydrate?

Donuts are rich in carbohydrates, but they are not healthy carbohydrates. Since empty donuts are high in sodium, sugar and trans fats, they can increase the risk of heart disease, eating them in moderation.

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Do donuts make you fat?

Cookies and donuts usually contain high amounts of sugar, flour, and fat. And they are usually high in calories.

Can you lose weight by eating donuts?

So go back to the first question, “Can you eat donuts and lose weight?” Well, YES. As long as you are able to account for your daily macronutrient and micronutrient needs, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot enjoy your donuts in moderation.

Do donuts make you happy?

“Whenever something unexpected happens, it causes an increase in dopamine,” Benning said. For many children, it means a lot of donuts. Larichhia agrees that treatment makes many people feel happy, but says that winning is even better.(Doughnut Nutrition Facts)

Can I eat donuts every day?

Eating one donut is less likely to cause any harm. However, unless that donation is the only source of sugar in your diet, you may be overweight. Too much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. These are all major risk factors for heart disease.

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