I want, no need a Basketball Team in Vancouver

The only constant in my life, asides from my name, date and birth and social security number has been my love for basketball. It was the only sport I cared about growing up. That’s sort of weird. In my experience if a boy likes one sport growing up, he tends to like others as well. But for me basketball and the NBA were it. I didn’t care about any other activity that involved two teams, running, hitting each other trying to get balls through hoops or holes or baskets or cages or whatever it is that football is.

Vancouver you may recall used to have a basketball team. They were terrible, but they existed! Unfortunately I never got to partake in the Grizzlies hype partially because there wasn’t any and partially because by the time I was of NBA consuming age, the team was axed.

Well, I’m tired of living in a hockey city. It burns quite deep rubbing shoulders with fans who get to live in a city that breathes the Canucks. I’d like the powers that be to seriously consider giving us an NBA franchise.

Why would they? Vancouver has grown…a lot. We are now more qualified to host a basketball team. The ascent of the Toronto Raptors shows us that Canadian basketball fever is at an all time high. New talented young Canadians like Andrew Wiggins and Tristan Thompson signify a new generation of Canadians who want another sport. Moreover Vancouver is quite multicultural, and Basketball as it happens is one of the most popular sports in terms of diversity of fans. Kobe Bryant is a god in China after all…even though Lebron’s better.

So Vancouver, give me a basketball team. I know it’s a privilege to even ask for one, but what can I say, it’s time to add another sport into our arsenal.

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