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Grakn is a distributed knowledge graph: a logical database to organise large and complex networks of data as one body of knowledge. Visit to learn more.

When we kicked-off 2020, we were so excited to launch Grakn Cosmos: Grakn’s first global conference, held here in London in the first week of February. It was an intense start to the year, but we learnt so much about how our community was using Grakn to solve some of the most complex problems in their industries. We met with our community members from Life Sciences, Defence & Security, Financial Services, Robotics, and…

Awesome things have been happening at Grakn Labs

Spring has arrived! I feel like it has been ages since I wrote about our year in 2016. But, no, it’s only been less than four months! Nevertheless, so much has happened at Grakn Labs! So I would like to update you on all the exciting things that have been happening at Grakn Labs, which I also sent to many of you through our biggest round-up newsletter to date!

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We’ve been working hard on building and improving Grakn from all your feedback and requests. We’ve now released version 0.12: a simpler…

In comparison with traditional ontology languages and tools

Grakn is a distributed knowledge graph with a reasoning query language that enables you to query for explicitly stored data and implicitly derived information. Learn more at

Technology is invented for solving difficult problems in this world. The shape or form in which it is delivered is almost irrelevant, and should not get in the way of its potential purpose. Ontology systems are an example; it is a technology that humans invented to solve difficult problems in the field of information science. At Grakn Labs, we provide an ontology language for you to model your knowledge graph.

However, the…

Some frequently asked questions about the database for AI

OK then. What is Grakn?

Grakn is a distributed knowledge base (Grakn) with a reasoning query language (Graql) that enables querying for explicitly stored data and implicitly derived information.

Grakn uses an intuitive ontology as a data model that allows you to define a set of types, properties, and relationship types. The ontology allows you to model extremely complex datasets, and functions as a data schema constraint to guarantee data consistency, i.e. logical integrity. The ontology modelling constructs include type hierarchies, n-ary relationships, and higher-order modelling constructs.

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Four years ago, I sat in an Automated Reasoning class, during my studies at the University of Cambridge, and since then I’ve always wondered how amazing it would be to enable computers to reason over data and derive new conclusions for us. And of course, there have been many great minds before us that have pursued this idea and got us much closer to realising this ambition. A couple of years later, I found myself extremely fortunate to be working together with a brilliant team, on exactly this problem. Together, we worked hard to build Grakn Labs, a distributed knowledge…

Grakn Labs joins the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program

Grakn Labs is pleased to announce that we have recently joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program to provide Grakn Labs Cloud.

Grakn is the database for AI. AI systems need a knowledge base to manage their data because they produce and consume more complex information than average software. Grakn is a database in the form of a distributed knowledge base with a reasoning query language that allows you to model, verify, scale, query and analyse complex data easily. …

It has been a fantastic year for us at GRAKN.AI

GRAKN.AI Team, learn more at

GRAKN.AI is a knowledge graph data platform that uses machine reasoning to simplify complex data processing for AI applications. Learn more at

Our company started in July 2015. So 2016 was the first full year that we experienced as a team, and we cannot be more thankful for the journey that we went through this past year. 2016 was truly an amazing year for all of us at GRAKN.AI, and I hope it has been the same for all of you as well.

Overall, 2016 has been an incredible…

A graph database allows a more natural modelling of data. Its data structure provides the highest level of expressivity and is thus perfect for capturing highly interconnected data in complex domains. It also enables the natural querying of data with high degrees of separation. In the current age of interconnected data, graph databases and graph query languages are pivotal to the evolution of databases.

In the recent years, we’ve seen an increasing growth of graph databases. Some of the key technologies in the industry are Neo4J, TitanDB, BlazeGraph, HypergraphDB, OrientDB, IBM Graph and the list goes on. Recently, Datastax, a…

Haikal Pribadi

Computer Scientist, Founder and CEO of Grakn Labs

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