Knowledge Graph Representation: GRAKN.AI or OWL?
Szymon Klarman

Thanks for the feedback, Nirav Mehta. Indeed building a custom ontology defeats the purpose of “link data”, if you what you mean by “link data” is integration with other vendors or the web data. And Grakn is not made to do that. Grakn is a database where you would store your own data, and the schema is to describe your own data, and not to integrate with the web. Grakn is closed world semantic and purposefully built for a database use case.

Even if we were to provide integration with existing ontologies, in the RDF/OWL world, these ontologies aren’t even consistent with their design — e.g. when is an object really an object and not a reified relationship?

Thus, I hope if you are in need of a database for complex domains and would like to put it into real-time production scenario, you would go with Grakn. :)

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