12. You don’t deserve anything.

I hate eating at restaurants in Indonesia.

People call waiters like they’re slaves. No thank you’s, no smiles, no tip. Taking up chairs and tables like they own the restaurant. People, come on. What did you do to get more ‘premium service’ than the rest of us?

Now let me ask you.

What did you do to deserve better treatment than anybody else?

We always feel like we deserve more. That the appreciation for our posts, photos, and ideas are much less than we ‘deserve’ (Really? Only 100 likes?) The real question is, do we deserve anything in the first place?

We slack off, lay around, and scroll through our social media like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t deserve anything.

The only way you’re ever going to deserve anything is if you get off your ass and work so hard to the point where no one even questions your deserving right to anything.

So get to work. There’s still a long way to go before we’re deserving of anything.

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