23. Take a breath.

I lost track of how many posts I missed.

I’ve been so swept up by life. I’ve been to three cities in the past few weeks, which is two more than I’m used to. I left for work at 7 in the morning and came home at 10 at night. My life was a tad more hectic than usual.

So writing got swept to the side.

Look, I’m all for taking a breath. It’s fine to get writers block, artist’s block, or any block. It’s fine to distance yourself from what you love every once in a while and take a breather. I know the current narrative is work your ass off until you die, but I say the only guaranteed outcome of that approach is burning yourself out. Step back. Take a breath.

Just make sure you don’t get lost and forget to come back.

I’m sorry writing, I left to take a breath and forgot to come back. I’ll try better after this.

— — —

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