26. Stop trying to be what you aren’t.

You’ll always fail.

I spend an obnoxious amount of time flipping through Instagram.

Especially the feeds of young successful people. Rich Chigga. Zara Larsson. Hailee Steinfield. Malia Obama.

People my age. People who are way richer and way smarter than me. People who have what I don’t.

But that’s exactly the point isn’t?

I know I don’t have talent in rap or in music generally. I don’t think I’m a talented actor waiting to be discovered. I don’t have access to the best education — nor do I have the scores or the money to get there anyway. There’s a lot I’ll never have.

But there’s a lot I do have.

I’m decent at writing. I have a family I love to death. I’ve made a decent amount of money working and debating. I’m doing okay in university. My translating work is starting to gain more customers. I’m not at the top of the world, but I’d like to think I’m getting there.

So rather than focus on what others have, maybe I should start focusing on what I do have. And start my journey there.

Yeah. I like that idea better.

— — —

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