Welcome to 2018!

ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Personal collection.

A year ago, I wrote 6 resolutions that I wanted to achieve by the end of 2017.

Those 6 resolutions were:

  1. Writing: I wanted to write every day.
  2. Debating: I wanted to win at least one championship.
  3. Photography and Filmmaking: I wanted to revive my dying Instagram page.
  4. Health: I wanted to lose 10 kilograms.
  5. Finance: I wanted to be “financially independent”.
  6. Failing: I wanted to meet failure more.

Since it’s officially 2018 as of the time of writing (Yes, I spent New Year’s in front of my laptop), let’s see how these goals went.

1. Writing

Earlier this year, I promised to write every day. Sadly, that promise was unfulfilled. I spend many months on “hiatus”, a.k.a lazy and insecure and unsure of myself.

However, I am happy that this year, I found love in a new form of writing: screenwriting. Although I am nowhere near confident enough to share my scripts with the public, I am proud of myself for actually writing one.

Writing: Failed.

2. Debating

So my target last year was to win at least one championship. I’m happy to say that that goal was achieved successfully, with my win at JOVED last year (I can finally say last year hehe) with two of the best teammates I could’ve asked for.

Other than that, I also got the chance to reach 4 other finals, so grateful for that as well.

Debating: Success!

3. Photography and Film-making

This particular goal actually was successful, but not in the way I imagined it. When I talked about reviving my Instagram page, and making a Youtube channel, I though I would be buying a camera and creating all these great pictures and shooting a lot of cool vlogs..but that didn’t happen.

Instead, for the past two months, I’ve revived my Instagram page by making movie reviews. It’s been interesting, designing my own little posters for the reviews. Even though these posts garner less likes than my previous “Instagramable” pictures, but I’m surprisingly content creating this content (this wordplay was done on purpose).

Also, I think the rise of Logan Paul and Jake Paul taught me that I definitely don’t want to become a vlogger.

Photography and Film-making: Successsss I guess? IDK

4. Health

The target for this year was 77, from 87 at the start of the year. Although I didn’t quite hit that mark, I still dropped 5 kilograms, which for me is a huge success.

I feel healthier, I like looking at myself in the mirror, I am pretty happy with how this goal turned out.

Health: Healthier!

5. Finance

Finance-wise, I think I did an okay job. Sure, I didn’t build a sustainable business, but there has been enough money for me to stave off demanding money from my parents. I’ve been blessed with multiple debate jobs, some gaming gear sales, and some Bitcoin profit.

But if I’ve learned something this year, it’s that the pursuit of money is a long and endless road, and if you don’t pull over, you’re always going to be driven to get more whatever the cost might be. I don’t like that kind of life.

Finance: Success?

6. Failure

Whoa, boy. Ironically, this one was a MASSIVE SUCCESS.

I failed at writing when I got rejected from the Jakarta Post and IDN Times, when I failed to startup my Medium publication, and when I got taken off The Ascent (nothing against them though, I was grateful for the opportunity!)

I failed at debating for a whole semester when I consistently failed to nab a first place trophy while my peers all successfully got theirs. I also failed to make it to multiple finals (UADC EFL Finals, Dipo Open, IVED, ALSA UI).

I failed at photography and filmmaking by not picking up my camera and taking photos and videos when I had the chance.

I failed at health when I got careless about my diet when I went traveling and when I couldn’t hold back the late night pangs.

I failed at finance when I failed to build a business, even though I’ve always told my friends and family that I would build one.

Failure was a running theme throughout the year.

And in retrospect, I don’t think I could’ve got to the mental and physical state I am in today if I had not failed along the way. I am most grateful that I succeeded in this particular goal, even though it was the goal that caused the most distress.

Failure: HUGE success.

So what’s ahead for 2018?

This year (I can finally say 2018 is this year hehe), I’m only setting one goal for myself.

I want to accept myself.

I easily see the good in others, and try to be supportive for others.

This year, I’ll try a dose of my own medicine.

Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. Hopefully there’s another great year ahead.