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Even after numerous studies which have demonstrated the crucial role that tires play for road safety. Used or under-inflated tires cause more than 153,000 accidents in Europe and are directly responsible for 6% of fatal road accidents.

On all motor vehicles, whether they have two, three or four wheels, the tire is the only physical link between you and the road. This single point of contact represents the size of only 4 postcards. By knowing this we can understand why their good condition is essential.

You surely know that the wear of your tires increases your braking distances, and this is multiplied by rainy weather (Aquaplaning, skidding). If they are worn, their sculpture no longer allows to evacuate the water and hang on the road. The risk of accident is therefore present. …


Koni katailor

I’m writing about auto parts, auto maintenance and latest things about car. Know more on these by reading my blog.

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