Askew andย Aside

Crooked and tilted,ย 
listing to port
timeโ€™s getting shorterย 
the Watchman reports

near tipping and wobbly,ย 
the Timekeeper roams
laden with reasonsย 
to lay by their tombs
to explain the withholdingย 
of deeds unassumed.

A curious errand
for the dead cannot hear, and
their tongues since made numb
by the reaper I fear
โ€˜No thank youโ€™s theyโ€™ll utter,
ย โ€˜too lateโ€™ you have come
to express your devotion,ย 
in poem or in song
any excuse you contriveย 
landing askew and aside
leaving only a foolย 
behind with his pride.