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Dear, John Hopkins,

First, thank you for an engaging and reflective response.

You have pointed out an obvious flaw in a poorly constructed sentence. I did not intend to exclude men from humanity and have made an edit which, I hope, more accurately reflects what I meant to say.

Regarding your conclusions here:

Yes. And have you forgotten the other half of the population that by an large do not support the Trump mentality either? This is not any time to get sexist about this shit. A lot of Trump voters were actually women.
Please try to move beyond this false men-vs-women narrative.

Believe me, I’ve not forgotten the other half of the population and I’m not sexist, John. The march on Washington and around the country is a Women’s March but it is NOT and never was intended to be a Women Only March. I don’t believe I’ve perpetuated the “men-vs-women” narrative anywhere in my story, because I simply do not believe feminism or anything about this march or any other activism related to women’s issues are rooted on the metephorical “men-vs-women” battleground. It seems you may have been baited to make certain assumptions about me which might be grounded in your personal biases and sensitivities, as we all are apt to do, from time to time. We’re all human, after all.

On January 21, 2017, I will take with me your good wishes and the common ground upon which you and I surely stand.

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