Once I caught sight of them I could not stop looking at them.
Lady Parts and Jowls. No, This is not a BBC Detective Series.
Sherry Caris

Do you know you just about made me spit my bicarbonate soda all over my beautiful MacBook Air screen?? Letting go a burrrrrp-snort, which sounded more like some lonely water buffalo stranded on high ground bleating for a mate; which was induced by a natural baking soda/water treatment for a 3 day old case of stubborn acid indigestion- all in the momentary recognition I have done this very thing with the side mirror too! My face is like a bad highway accident I simply can’t look away from- so I keep staring, hoping, using my peripheral vision trying to skew the landscape of my face and trick my mind into believing it wil look better in a sideways glance or it’s the mirror’s fault. Nobody looks good in a side mirror, do they? Doppelschmerzen, sister- Doppel-schmerzen!

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