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Hatred fuels hate Mike Essig no matter what rationale a person or group attaches to it, and we are seeing the resulting devastation roaring in the flames of carnage before us, but my point is this: We, you and I, have a choice. We can choose to smother the flames by standing in compassion and love for one another. Or we can fan them by reciprocating in kind. I know you know this all too well.

Perhaps if we don’t allow ourselves to anticipate with resistance what those love-starved poor bastards among us may do we will silence them. So we must raise the vibration of love and compassion higher and higher until it overtakes the petty, fearful and the weakened and sweeps them into the tidal wave of understanding our true nature.

I know, I sound like I’ve picked up my guitar and started singing Kum Bay Ya again, but if you and I don’t sing, then who will? Love only seems too small or too pollyanna when we measure it by the short rule of our fragile humanity. But we are more than this fragile nature and when we remember THIS, all the other will fall away.

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