fear of being pushed out of the privileged spaces, pushed out of their jobs, which have been under threat from a long-faltering economy, fear of the loss of status and opportunity. These are valid fears.
(302): Are We Really a Nation Full of Nazis? Or Is That Just Hype?
Betta Tryptophan

I believe at the root of these fears is a strong belief in lack and limitation, meaning there is only one pie and only so much of it to go around. People who believe the universe and its creative force is limited, that it cannot create more of the things and conditions which sustain life, will grasp and hoard what they perceive to be their piece of the pie. They will not take kindly to being forced to share. What is given away is gone forever, or so they would believe.

Don’t you find it odd that Christian tenets teach what is given away is multiplied and many of the people caught in this illusion of fear and limitation identify as “Christian”?

I believe it’s true, we must endeavor to understand ourselves better, why we have the fears we do, how we are manipulated by them personally and how this energy spills over into our society at large. Further, we must acknowledge these unexamined fears will make us act and think irrationally while making us vulnerable to being fooled by those who wish to perpetuate chaos and darkness for their own gain.

I applaud your dedication toward tackling these complex and emotionally charged social issues in your writing Betta Tryptophan. I have found myself tongue tied and awash in heart breaking emotion in response to the social state of this country and humanity at large and so I haven’t even known where to begin.